Uses and Functions of Google Search Network for Beginners

In the previous blog of Digital Marketing we superficially understood about Google Adwords and its various networks. In this blog we will discuss in-depth about search network of Google Adwords. Some people say that SEO is pull marketing whereas all the paid marketing are push marketing and that is a matter of debate but things are different, in digital marketing if user is searching for products or services then it will be called pull marketing but if user is not looking for any products or services and an advertiser reaches to user then it will be called push marketing, so a search network will always be called a pull marketing because our ads are shown only when user is looking for our service or product.

Where Can Target Audience See these Ads?

An Advertiser has option to choose whether he/she wants to show his ads on only Google’s search engine or wants to show his ads on other Google’s search partners as well, it’s depend on the target audience whether advertiser’s target audience use Google’s search partners or not.

Where Can Target Audience See these Ads

In India people often use only Google as search engine but in overseas country people use other search engines as well so it might not be a good idea to show ads on Google’s search partner if the target location is only idea but might be helpful if an advertiser wants to target overseas countries.  There are some Google search partners on which an advertiser can show his ads by default he chooses Google’s search partners.

  • Google Map

Note:  YouTube is the display partner of Google, so an advertiser can’t show his ads on YouTube if he uses Google search network only.

Settings in Google Search Network

Standard Features:  In Standard features an advertiser gets less options, in standard features offer only 5 extensions, apart from these remarketing can’t be used in standard features setting.  An advertiser can use 5 extensions Location extension, Callout extension, Structure Snippet Extension, Call Extension and Sitelink extensions only. Also an advertiser can’t make Call only ad if he uses Standard features setting.

Settings in Google Search Network

All Features: All features setting allows advertisers to use all the extensions, call only ad, dynamic search ads, remarketing etc. It is most prevalent feature and most of the advertisers often use this feature before setting up a campaign.

Location and Advance Location Feature:  Location is a very important setting and an advertiser must have to use it meticulously.  Google Adwords allow advertisers to include and exclude locations according to his requirement. Google also allow to use Postal code and nearby of targeted location to ease the targeting for advertisers.

Advance Location Feature: Advance Location feature offers 3 options to advertiser

  • The first radio button is used when user search from any location, the ad will appear
  • The second radio button is used when advertiser wants to target only those people who are living in his targeted location
  • The third radio button is used when advertiser wants to target only those people are not living in his targeted location, in this feature the ad will appear on every location apart from his targeted location

Ad Delivery & Ad Rotation: Ad delivery and rotation equally play important role in Google Adwords there are 2 kinds of Ad delivery and ad rotation.

  • Standard Ad Delivery: Standard ad delivery is used when an advertiser wants to deliver his ad throughout the day, in this feature Google randomly rotate advertiser’s ad and try to deliver it throughout the day according to budget, it is most recommended method.

Ad Delivery & Ad Rotation

  • Accelerated Ad Delivery: Accelerated Ad Delivery method is used for the big players or those who have plethora of amount to spend on marketing, in this method Google show ads until daily budget is exhausted. In Accelerated method the ad will appear every time when user do search query on search engine.

Ad Rotation: Google offers 2 option first is the 12 hour standard ad rotation and second is the 24 hours ad rotation, in 12 hours ad rotation option ad will appear for 12 working hours but in 24 hours ad rotation ad will appear for 24 hours. It is recommended to use 12 hours ad rotation option but if the targeted locations are more than one country with different time zones then 24 hours ad rotation options should be used.

Selection of Device:  Google Adwords allow advertisers to choose device such as Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. An Advertiser can do bid adjustment according to his requirement. For an example an advertiser can increase/decrease budget on mobile or desktop and also can stop his ads on particular devices.

Budgeting & Bid Adjustment:  An Advertiser can set up budget at Campaign level and do bid adjustment at campaign, AdGroup, Ad and Keyword level. Apart from this bid can be adjusted for locations and devices as well.

Bid Strategy:  Adwords allows automatic bid, manual CPC, Enhanced CPC and CPA to advertisers. In Manual CPC an advertiser manually bid for a keyword, in enhanced CPC Google has entitlement to increase bid by 30% for those keyword that are performing well and reduce bid by 100% for those keywords that are performing poorly, in Automatic bidding Google automatically does bidding for keywords and in CPA (Cost per Acquisition) an Advertiser bid for one conversion.

Budgeting & Bid Adjustment

Language: An Advertiser can use different languages like Hindi, Urdu, English, and French etc. It will work according to users’ selected language of Google Search Engine.

Interesting Facts of Google Adwords:  With one account of Google Adwords 1oooo campaigns can be made, in one campaign 20000 AdGroups can be made, in one AdGroup 50 text Ads can be made and in one Google Adwords account 5 million keywords can be used.

Conclusion: Google Adwords is an awesome tool for advertisers and entrepreneurs in terms of ROI if an advertiser uses right technique but it can be spoiler if it is used recklessly, so it is important to study in depth about its functioning.

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