Increase your sale by 500% using social media, know how?

Social media is a vast platform for the entertainment and connectivity with the people who are not close to our physical location, initially social media was only being used to express feelings, thoughts and keep in touch with friends but now social media has become a great platform of advertising and marketing, from political parties to service and product providers are using this platform to reach relevant audience. There are a lot of social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google+, Youtube, and all these social media platforms have unique USPs, so according to USP of a particular social media we have to utilize it.

Social Media

In Google we use SEO, Adwords and Doubleclick, these are the combination of push and pull marketing but social media is all about the push marketing, in which marketers have to be very strategist and clever reach to the right target audience. There are few steps that every marketer has to follow to run a successful campaign; i am sharing some hidden features of Facebook that will be helpful to run a successful marketing campaign on Facebook. Recently “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” was trending on social media that was later followed by many news channels as well, can anyone imagine an idiotic things like this can also viral on social media that means there are a lot of opportunities on social media, but it needs smart work by marketers.

1: Dwell time

Dwell time is a time when a Facebook user stays on his homepage on any post, image or video when he is scrolling down or up from his Facebook account, if a user stays for more than 30 seconds then Facebook consider that the post is useful and attractive so Facebook gives value to that post so reach would be higher of that post rather than others. So a marketer has to be very creative and must need to make interesting content to increase reach.

2: Time Decay

Time decay is an advance algorithm of Facebook that plays a very important role in terms of reach. The first 15-20 minutes of any post is very important, if the post doesn’t get enough engagement then that post would reach to less audience. So try to do A/B testing method to understand in which time audience are online.

use of GIF

3: Engagement rate

Like, share and comments are called engagement, a comment is greater than like and share is greater than comment, if a user makes very interesting content that is interesting and creative then it would be liked, shared and commented by many users so organically reach of that post would be high.

4: Use of Hashtag

Hashtag defines what topic is trending on social media, on Twitter and Facebook uses of hashtag is very important to increase reach, if a marketer can galvanize others to use the same hashtag then he is in a right way.

5: Uses of GIF file

Gif file is a smart file and that can be used as a tool for creativity, people use GIF files to make interesting content and that goes viral on Facebook and other social media. GIF files and video files are little long so it maintains Dwell time and help to increase reach.

Some Case studies:

1: On social media a lot of videos are made on Dogs, these videos are very strategic and made by experts, there are some breeds of dogs that are considered very dangerous, so pet lovers used to avoid themselves from purchasing them but a lot of cut videos were made on these dogs just to inculcate in the minds of people that these dogs are not dangerous and that brought drastic change and the selling of these breeds of dogs increased by 400%.

Social Media Marketing

2: I made a social media campaign for a roadside assistance service, initially I made a campaign in which I targeted both males & females but it didn’t work, later I made 2 separate campaigns for males and females. In campaign for female I used emotional appeal, I made a creative in which a woman standing with her car and she is looking in stress on creative there was written that “Shadows in darkness scares me, but what if my car’s Tyre get flat on roadside in dark night”, there was “sign up now” CTA to get roadside assistance button I used to increase leads and I got huge responses.

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