Hey there! My name is SK Sharma. Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page. I am passionate about digital marketing.

I write about digital marketing on this blog because of two reasons. First, I love Digital marketing and second, I want to help those guy who really wants to learn Digital marketing.

I have worked as a digital marketer for a News channel, IT companies, Blogs, startups, YouTubers and others. I also write, speak and consult on digital marketing.                            

I started this blog to share my experience with you. If you are new and confused where to start, Please visit my Beginner’s guide first. I believe in learning through experience so if you really want to learn then I will help you out. Don’t hesitate to reach me if you have any query.

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn the latest stuff in digital marketing. 

Story Behind This Blog

Not everyone can plan their future and drive their lives as they want to. I planned something but life has something else for me. Working as a digital marketer was not planned after my post graduation. However, I am happy where I have reached.

Many people and Digital marketing agencies contribute in my journey. There are many people who inspired me.

I used to read the article of some Great Digital Marketers, and I used to think that I wish I had the skill to Write, But with the support and motivation of my seniors I started to write paragraphs and daily incidents.

One day I realize that M just forcing myself to write without having a right topic, As I love Digital marketing, So I decide to start writing a blog on SEO and DM, and the moto behind it to add more and more people who want to learn or share their SEO or D-Marketing personal or professional experience with others.

In this way we can contribute to increase the knowledge of those who are really interested in the same field. and we can be the reason of Smile :), Soon I’m just gonna to start a Social Startup of web services, Interested talents can join.

So, I quit the job start consulting for free to learn more and more. Because everyone wants free services 😀.

Then I decide to start my blog to help those who really want to learn. So this is how SeoWithMagic born.

Want to Reach Me?

Email to: sk.sharma1124@gmail.com

Hi, I am S K Sharma, owner of this blog. I am in the field of blogging, SEO and Digital marketing for around 3 years. Worked for some news channels and e-commerce website, IT Company, YouTubers as a Digital marketing Expert. You can follow me or email on the given links

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