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Get More Business Leads @ Only 1 Rupee per Lead with Email Marketing

Grow your business with email marketing

Previously we talked about Google Adwords, SEO, and Social media marketing but today we are going to talk about the strategies that can bring huge ROI to your business. Email has become an essential part of our life because all the official information is passed through email. There are 2.6 billion email users in the world that open their mail at least once in a day so by using right strategies we can reach to the very specific audience; here

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Top 7 Strategies to Drive more Traffic to Your Blog Post

How to Drive more Traffic to Your Blog Post

A blogger always looks up to the stats of his/her blogs to see the number of visitors and every time wonders, when the visitors will show up. Content is all what is valuable now a days. Every blogger writes the best he/she can on a particular topic, but when they don’t get the results as expected, it feels bad! Bloggers publish the content in the hope of getting numbers or sales and if there is no traffic, the result will

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Increase your sale by 500% using social media, know how?

How to increase your sale using social media

Social media is a vast platform for the entertainment and connectivity with the people who are not close to our physical location, initially social media was only being used to express feelings, thoughts and keep in touch with friends but now social media has become a great platform of advertising and marketing, from political parties to service and product providers are using this platform to reach relevant audience. There are a lot of social media platforms available like Facebook, Twitter,

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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering SEO in 2017

How to do SEO

Marketing is the Key factor to get visitors to a website. There is a long list of marketing methods which includes: Content marketing, offline events, email marketing, SEM, sales, etc. SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important methods of marketing. There a wrong wave going on in the marketing industry, that SEO is very tough or a complicated concept of marketing. But, I would rather say that it is very simple. In order to understand SEO

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Uses and Functions of Google Search Network for Beginners

In the previous blog of Digital Marketing we superficially understood about Google Adwords and its various networks. In this blog we will discuss in-depth about search network of Google Adwords. Some people say that SEO is pull marketing whereas all the paid marketing are push marketing and that is a matter of debate but things are different, in digital marketing if user is searching for products or services then it will be called pull marketing but if user is not

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